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What competitors and chefs like about a Backwoods is the built in quality. Careful selection of materials and components that go into a Backwoods Smoker make it good. Not a knockoff, but an original design. All Backwoods Smokers are built and backed by Mike McGowan and crew in Dixie, Louisiana.

I am loving this new G2 smoker!!

Below are pics of the new G2 Party. I love this new configuration from Backwoods. It combines the easy to move Party size with 30% more room than a Fatboy.

This smoker is built to last! The smoker is constructed of 22GA Galvibond material to resist rust and the new Backwoods finish is a satin wrinkle powdercoat.

The racks are stoke! these chrome racks are built out of .250 wire. The racks are heavy and built to last. The rack size will take in a sheet pan or hotel pan with plenty of room for heat and smoke to circulate. This is good when you want to smoke a mess of small items, pans of smoked beans, or if you are stuck for space and need to hold cooked items.

The fire grate is 30% larger and will hold fuel for a burn as long as a Fatboy or Competitor. The grate and ash pan slide in and out together as a module or independant of each other. The heat distrubution is as good as any Backwoods.

The G2 is a great size for contests, catering, or large parties.

Give a call for details or if you need answers to any questions on Backwoods or BBQ!

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Check out this years 150# dressed hog raised here on the ranch and BBQ'ed on the Pitts & Spitts! This is about as big a hog as we can get on this smoker. Looks like it does not fit, but it did! The thermometer ripped the hide before we realized it was happening. Live and learn.

Any Texan will know what this pit is. 1000#'s of Texas Stainless Steel. Sample pic below. All cleaned up and ready to cook. Was 12K new, Take this away for $5990!! More pics on request. I got no problem keeping this pit, but it can go to the cowboy that's got the skill to run it.

Ever wonder why you should consider buying a Backwoods Smoker from Seabrisket as opposed to another dealer or direct from the factory? There is no difference should you be interested only in the bottom line. Mike McGowan demands that all dealers adhere to the internet price posted on the Backwoods website.

The difference is the attention and time I take to make sure my customers leave the barn with a cooker they feel comfortable with. I take the time to explain the operation points that are critical to success. I make sure you leave with this information burnt into your head. You also get instruction sheets covering smoker operation (in case your head don't burn) drawn from several years of competition experience and written from a users perspective. I make sure you can go home and cook great stuff the first time you try. I'll share our competition proven winning recipes with you so you get a starting baseline. You can change these to your own preference or use them as is on your product.

I'll keep quiet f you're already a winner and do a great bbq job, or just want to play around your own. I can also coach a new pit boss to the point where they can enter a contest and put award winning results into the box and in front of the judges. I already know the later has happened plenty! This attention never runs out. Just give a call or drop an e-mail and I'm ready to help out.

Check out the Pitts & Spitts! This is 1 serious BBQ pit from Houston Texas. It's 1/4 inch stainless steel with heavy stainless cabinetry and it's plumbed for gas in the pit and firebox. Quite a showpiece for the right home or business. High BBQ skill level required to run this beast, no whimps please!!

Mike McGowan is now building grills! These are charcoal fired units. He is addressing the problem of cheap grills thet usually burn out within a couple seasons. I have a proto-type that I am testing and love at home. We saw a few in Memphis this year and they look great! This grills are built of thick metal and weigh a lot! Mike has a few new grills ready now. Check out the models on Let me know if you can use a new grill.

Backwoods shop lead time is running about twelve weeks as Spring moves on. Give me a call if you'll be needing a cooker for this cook-off season. A Backwoods will not let you down in the bad weather encountered at some cook-offs. You'll cook barbecue and notice no significant difference in performance. We have cooked plenty with only the one inch insulation models and achieved awesome results!

Remember, Give a call if you need help running that new Backwoods or one you already got. I'm happy to help.

Seabrisket is going to save you a bundle on shipping! We try to arrange for your cooker to share space with others to keep the cost down.

The BBQ Guru offers a perfect draft control for your Backwoods.

I am happy to have a Digi Q DX set up and ready to go on your cooker if you like. Save some $$ here too.

I love my Digi Q DX and I'm getting along fine. My Backwoods is steady as a rock with this control on.

The new NanoQ is here! Easy to use and good looking all in the same package!Just one button! Watch your standard thermometer climb to the desired temperature then hit the button. The Nano stores the temperature and maintains it throughout the cook. The unit then scales up and down to different temps. with a push on the same button. A LED indicator tells you all is well. This NanoQ is the digital replacement for the Pit Minder.

The Guru boys also have the CyberQue WiFi ready to go. This one can run a few pits with a smartphone if one is so inclined to do this...whew!




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